Seron's range of Therapeutic products cater to various health care segments such as Anti-pyretic, Anti Infective, pain management, Iron Deficiency, Asthma, Ulcers, Cough and Cold, Cardio-vascular muscle-relaxants, Dispersible tablets, Sustained Released Pellets,  Lotions, Ointment and Food supplements, etc.


     We have product mix to cater from paediatrics to geriatrics. However, Seron is synonym for child health. Our care for children, springs from the fact that a developing nation like India needs better (care for children) child welfare. Our range of paediatric products with economy and efficacy and the growing support from the fraternity of medical profession bear testimony to our highly cherish mission.

 ECOLITE  Expectorant,Drops,Syrup,Tablets
 ECOLITE-DC/AC  Mucolytic, Antiallergic syrups
 DOROFEN  Anti Spasmodic drops, syrup, tablets
 SEROVIT  Multivitamins, Drops, Syrup, Tablets
 SYNOF/KID  Anti Cold, Drops, Syrup, Tablets
 SYNOF-CC/C  Anti Cold, Drops, Syrup
 SYNOF-DM  Anti Allergic & Dry Cough Syrup
 SYSTALKA  Systemic Alkaliser Syrup
 RABISOLE  Anti ulcers Capsules
 RANTIL-DS  Anti-Ulcers Tablets
 MOBILAX-MR  Anti-Inflammatory Caplets
 NIC PLUS  Anti Inflammatory Capsules
 MOLIFER  Haematinic, Drops, Syrup, Tablets
 FEMOL  Anti-Pyretic, Drops, Syrup, Tablets
 LEVOTUS  Anti-Allergic Syrup, Tablets
 MOTILIN  For Acute Diarrhoea Tablets
 PICOGEL  For Constipation Drops, Syrup, Tablets
 SYNOVENT  Nasal Drops